talent staffing

We believe that all businesses need to be run cost effectively. This is why with our permanent placement services at Cadmus, you will be able to reach your target of employing talents in the shortest possible time.

With Cadmus, you will no longer have to worry about putting up costly advertisements which you do not need to.

We will work with you, step-by-step, to identify qualified candidates - whether it is sifting out the best candidates through Advertised Recruitment, or tapping on our extensive database for Database Selection to match candidates with the most relevant experience with your specific needs.

We also provide services such as the Joint Advertised Search, which combines advertising and the application of Executive Search techniques focused on specific areas. In cases where senior management is needed, we recommend the Executive Search, which is a systematic headhunt for talented individuals from competition or related industries, who may not see the incentive to move until we uncover their motivations and unrealised aspirations, and invite them for a career change.

With our specialised strategies, you need not worry about the groundwork anymore - just attend the various rounds of interviews, which we will co-ordinate at your convenience. Should you require assistance in personality profiling and reference checks on the candidates, or administering letter of appointments, we will be more than ready to accede to any of your requests.